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Root Canal Therapy – Plano, TX

Don’t Be Afraid of
Stopping Your Toothache


Are you afraid of the idea that you might be told you need root canal therapy? These fears are actually misplaced. Modern root canal therapy isn’t particularly painful compared to other procedures, and in fact part of the reason it’s performed is to stop the pain of inflamed or infected tooth pulp. At Vitality Dental Plano, Dr. Kung loves helping his patients confront their fears of root canal therapy in order to save their smiles. If you have a toothache and are anxious about how to treat it, call us immediately to learn more about smile-saving root canal therpay in Plano, TX.

Why Choose Vitality Dental Plano for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Experienced,
    Caring Dentist
  • Overcoming Fear
    is Our Specialty
  • Dental Office That Empowers
    Patients with Oral Health

The Root Canal Procedure

X-ray of tooth in need of root canal therapy

First of all, you should know that your mouth will be numbed for the procedure; in other words, you won’t feel pain during the treatment. (Some discomfort might occur afterwards, but it’s usually very mild.) As for the treatment itself, it simply involves making an opening in the tooth so that we can remove the damaged pulp along with the bacteria causing the infection. We’ll make sure the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned before we fill and reseal it.

Reasons for a Root Canal

Woman holding cheekin pain before root canal therapy

Normally, the pulp inside your tooth is well-protected by the enamel. Sometimes, though, it might become inflamed or infected due to a cavity that wasn’t treated in time or a crack that was never repaired. In some cases, the pulp might have been damaged by an injury to the tooth even if no visible marks were left. Untreated pulp inflammation or infection is typically very painful, and if it’s not addressed, you might lose the tooth altogether. That is why root canal therapy is often necessary.