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Wisdom Tooth Extractions - Plano, TX

When It’s Time for
Wisdom Teeth to Go


Many people regard wisdom teeth removal as something as a rite of passage for young adults. It’s not always necessary, but in many cases, we do need to remove these extra teeth to prevent unnecessary pain and dental damage in the future. If there’s someone in your family between the ages of 17 and 25, give us a call; it’s important for us to determine as soon as possible whether or not wisdom tooth extractions in our Plano, TX dental office will need to be performed.

Why Choose Vitality Dental Plano for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

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When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

Young woman smiling after wisdom tooth extractions

In the event that your wisdom teeth can erupt normally and doesn’t lead to oral health problems later on, an extraction might not even be required. However, more often than not, there won’t be enough room in your mouth for the extra tooth, and it will likely end up trapped under the gums. It could grow at an angle that causes it to damage the roots of nearby teeth, and it may even damage nearby bone tissue. Thus, impacted wisdom teeth are usually extracted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction After-Care

Woman receiving wisdom tooth extraction

Plan to spend the rest of the day resting after the surgery. Take any prescribed pain medications when you start to feel discomfort (which normally happens once the numbness in your mouth wears off). Hold an ice pack on the side of your face where the surgery was performed. For at least the next few days, you’ll need to stick with soft foods such as mashed potatoes; you can gradually reintroduce more solid foods to your diet as you recover.